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Charles Spencer In The Telegraph

posted: September 26th, 2011

In today’s Daily Telegraph, the leading theatre critic, Charles Spencer, said,

Kisses On A Postcard at times moved me to tears. I urge theatre producers to head to Devon next weekend, when the show has its final performances, and to consider giving this outstanding musical the extended life it so richly deserves’.

There were all sorts of other nice bits and bobs that could adorn the outside of a theatre, like :

‘A glorious company’, ‘roof-raising’, ‘a warm, funny and touching celebration of common humanity’ and ‘achieves the difficult task of making goodness dramatically interesting’.

Read the review in full here.

One comment to “Charles Spencer In The Telegraph”

  • Annie Urry-clark


    Fantastic review and deservedly so. A fantastic, brilliant performance by all the cast have not seen such a good musical in a long time ( if ever in fact )!

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